my dog

Our dog is a chocolate lab and she’s about 8 weeks old. When she was first out of her cage at our house she didn’t have much energy but now she’s filled with energy and excitement. We named her Leta the next day. I don’t know why but we thought it would be a good fit. Leta response to “puppy puppy ” or l-l-Leta

My dog is the best dog in the world

my I am Poem

I am curious and shy

I pretend  to be a tiger

I touch a soft pillow

I hear the swooshing of a owl

I worry about school

I cry about my antae’s dog

I am curious and shy

I understand that I am getting a dog

I say I believe in god

I dream about dogs

I try at hockey

I hope to be in the NHL

I am curious and shy


cinquain poem about dogs


                                 funny                                                                        smart

adorable                                                            exited                                             wanting to please

     whining                                    howling                                     barking                            scratching


the last two weeks

the last two weeks have been very confusing for me because of the zooming and when to go on. I try to get outside as much as possible. I wish that the coronavirus was never even a thing.  I can’t wait for this covid 19 pandemic to be over!


Dogs are the center of most peoples heart they are funny they can do tricks and of course they are adorable. I so badly want a puppy because of those reasons. There of course is one reason that I want a dog more then anybody else. It’s because my aunty had a dog named angel and me my sister and aunty all loved her. My Dad didn’t really appreciate it when angel went to our house because she would pee and poo on our carpet. Then of course a dog gets older and older until she is in so much pain that we had to put her down. this is why I love dogs!

I hope you like my stressful paragraph


My week on the Computer

My week was mostly on the computer doing check in on zoom or doing work on the computer. It has been a confusing week with all with all the work and zooming and I am exhausted! I can’t wait to kick back and not go on the computer for two days. The reason I am so worried about the computer is that the blue light is bad for your eyes. My mom might get me some special glasses that block out blue light witch would be awesome.

Covid 19

Covid 19 is one of the most serious diseases  in the last century (not including the Spanish disease in 1918). The way to prevent you from the coronavirus is to wash wore hands after you touch something that another person touched. Stay two to six feet apart from your friends or Niebour’s. Stay at home as much as possible, only go out to get grocery’s and other things that you really need

My Joy Jar

My favourite memory is winning my division in hockey.

Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be not to where the puck has been”.

My favourite place is on Malcolm island.

My dad always said that I was horseshoes on ice because when I have the puck I can make a play with it.

Winning my cross country meet last year.

I like scoring goals in hockey!

My favourite lyrics are  “sorry I  ain’t got no money”  and “I’m not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today!”

my learning at home

I haven’t done any learning yet but I am sure going to. I am probably going to some stuff with chemicals and gases in Science. I am going to play the uke today. How is everyone else doing?