my forest

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in s forest with only wild animals as company? well I’ll tell you a little about my forest.  Imagine yourself in a big forest with all types of trees and plants you can imagine. you can smell all the smells in the forest, the sweet smell of cedar and salal. you can rip off fungi and eat honey from bee hives. you could try all the berries in the forest but don’t worry none of them are poisonous.

This place isn’t just straight foreword though because if your lucky deep in the forest you will find mangos on colorful trees. there are danger in this forest too, so don’t go poking in big mounds of dirt
because you will find massive ants, there as big as cars! there are a mysterious creature that I don’t want to talk about but I think I have too, it is… a mini t-rex! they are usually peaceful creatures but you don’t want too get on there bad side or you should be able too run. there are amazing things in my forest as well. there are branches to swing on like a monkey

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